Before the Moth Girls were dead they were best friends


Three friends are drawn to a local house. It is overgrown and dilapidated. An old reclusive man lives in one room of the house. The girls seem fascinated by this. One day they decide to go in and explore. One of the girls, Mandy, gets cold feet and refuses to go. The other two, Petra and Tina go ahead.


The girls are never seen again.


Five years later Mandy still has guilt about that day. She watches as the house is demolishes and wonders what became of her childhood friends. No one knows. No bodies were ever found. Five years might be a long time but Mandy cannot forget them.

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How far would you go to save your best friend?


George and Lennie drift around the south coast together. They are looking for work and have a dream to own their own record shop. Lennie isn’t smart though so George looks out for him. They end up in Hastings working for a gangster. At first everything is OK but things take a turn for the worst and George has a very hard decision to make.


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